We often think of projects such as dining room renovations, new kitchen cabinets, and other spaces within our home when it comes to home renovations. Nevertheless, a deck is a crucial space in our homes that is typically overlooked! Decks are a fantastic outdoor area for spending time outside alone or with family and friends, without having to leave home. If it’s time for you to replace your deck or you are starting from square one with deck building DuPage County residents trust, there is no better way to expand your outdoor space than a deck.
When taking a deck structure into consideration, many people immediately think of a platform deck. That being said, there are a wide variety of deck remodeling ideas that can creatively transform your plain wood deck into a place for so much more than sitting. With the ideal mix of deck ideas and the best deck builders DuPage County has to offer, it is possible to produce an incredible outdoor entertainment space that your whole family can enjoy.  DuPage Decks can handle it all for you!

As much fun as it is to simply sit around and enjoying the backyard, it can also be great to cook while you are entertaining. When you are beginning a deck remodeling project, you can check with your deck designer DuPage County neighbors recommend if there is enough room in your yard to include an outdoor kitchen. Your deck contractors can then confirm if there is ample space outside your home for the installation of an outdoor refrigerator and a grill. Once past this step, you can make sure of the possibilities for a plumbing and electrical connection in your outdoor kitchen.

For those with large backyards, a deck can be an opportunity to take advantage of your entire space through the inclusion of levels in your decking. This can provide distinct layers of contrast by simply creating a lower level in your space. Deck contractors DuPage County residents rely upon can potentially provide a first-floor deck to be used as an informal living area in an outdoor space. You can also add a lower level of deck space outside your finished basement in order to access both floors of your home from your deck. This provides a living room extension in your new outdoor area.
Deck railings and other safety measures are crucial additions to the decking DuPage County prefers as they will properly protect your friends and your family.

A wrap-around porch is the quintessential comfort piece. As far as decking goes, the wrap-around option is not only comforting and inviting, but it also adds resale value to a home.  A wrap around deck or porch fully encompasses the largest part of your outdoor living space, contrary to platform decks. There will be more than enough room for your guests, and you may even see your home in a whole new light. As wrap around deck installation DuPage County requires a significant number of decking materials and space for building, wrap arounds are among the more expensive decking options available. On the bright side, although potentially expensive, the return on your investment is the value it adds to your home.

Leisure decks are an excellent option for lounging outdoors over the weekend. As leisure decks tend to be totally flat and are located right along the surface, they have a similar feel to traditional decks. Yet, you can flawlessly blend your deck with your backyard, making it feel like one enormous entertainment space. You can install a fire pit so that you can enjoy some warmth on your deck, or simply lounge in your spacious backyard. There are numerous possibilities in terms of how you choose to accessorize or style your outdoor space.