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The commencement of a project for custom porch construction in Dupage County may feel overwhelming, but we are here to assist you. Generally, a meeting with our custom porch contractors Dupage County residents trust in addition to our designers is the first step, allowing us to comprehend your needs. We usually look to discuss your expectations, budgetary matters, or past ideas/projects that interested you. Whatever is important to you is what is important to us!
Once our custom porch builders Dupage County team clearly understands your project’s scope and confirm the options and materials, we will collaborate with you during the process to ensure we deliver your ideal custom porch.

Custom Porch Dupage County Designs

Covered Custom Porch
Generally, covered custom porch construction in Dupage County is connected to the back or the front of a home. When in the back, porches are an excellent option for homeowners to increase their living space and enjoy their backyards. A front porch is the first thing that people observe whenever they visit your home. Back porches are a great way for homeowners to extend their living space into their backyards.
Covered custom porches in both the back and the front can enhance the curb appeal of a home. The design possibilities are infinite, and our custom porch builders in Dupage County can assist in making your dream porch a reality.

Screened Custom Porch
Not only does a screened porch allow sunlight and fresh air to enter, it keeps debris and pests out. In all seasons – and nearly all weather – custom screened porch construction in Dupage County, combined with its design, offers a comfortable spot from which to enjoy outdoor air and views, watch children play, or read without being affected by bugs or direct sunlight.
The screened custom porch contractors at DuPage Porches & Decks can assist you in designing a tailored space with posts, railing, and flooring that blend into your home’s style. We try our best to correctly nail the details so you may enjoy each square inch of your brand-new screened porch.

Our Custom Porch Materials

Wood Porches

Wood Composite Porches

Cedar Porches

PVC Porches

Hardwood Porches

Custom Porches Installers You Can Rely On

Are you thinking what type of custom porch is best for you? Are you looking for an idea or don't know how to make the best use of the free space next to your house? Contact us and we will help you to go through the whole process, from choosing to the end of installation. Through years of experience, we can offer the right custom porches to fit any home and meet even the most demanding users. We approach each project individually and thanks to this we always focus 100% on each porch. We use the best quality materials, so our porches last much longer than competing companies.

Schedule your free on-site estimate with us. Start using the extra living space and enjoy the moment.
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