finished front porch construction - at the entrance to modern house DuPage Deck Company we design with you, give you advice and build your dreams! It does not matter how big or small your porch project is, we will complete it professionally. finished screened porch construction - with chairs and a table We are your Local, Licensed, Professional and Reliable Porch & Deck Contractors in Naperville. We will make your porch beautiful and functional and we specialize in all types and sizes. We can handle any project you have. modern deck with covered patio area made by deck builders Let's make your porch dreams come true! Our deck designer will match your new porch to your current home style!

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We build to Illinois Code standards

DuPage Porches & Decks is your finest option, as they will dedicate themselves to comprehending your need and your style tastes and for your porch and decking, in addition to implementing them, all the while closely following Illinois building standards. We possess all of the licenses required to execute porch construction and deck building Naperville homeowners need in DuPage County while adhering to the previously mentioned standards, as well as offering deck repair services. We are awaiting your call, providing the best services with the greatest skill and professionalism of superior porch contractors, and doing everything necessary to properly accomplish each job!

Porch Contractors & Deck Builders Naperville

Deck Builders

The most convenient choice is that of decking Naperville residents love when you seek to include additions in your home that help it to look stunning on a long term basis as well as increasing its value in case you choose to sell it someday in the future. DuPage Porches & Decks provide a comprehensive decking service, including the deck design, the respective permit acquisition, and the deck construction.

Deck Designer

If you would like to have additional space for comfortably enjoying the panoramic views or for outdoor recreational activities, deck installation Naperville homeowners prefer might be the most appropriate option.  At DuPage Porches & Decks we maintain our own deck designer Naperville clients love who will help you to create the deck you have always dreamed of based on your functionality requirements, the budget you have set for yourself, and your personal style.

Deck Repair

Does your home currently have a deck that you are unable to enjoy full time because of deterioration or that is in a sad state of disrepair? Have no fear, DuPage Porches & Decks offers services in deck repair in Naperville that will make it look as good as new. Let our professional deck builders Naperville residents rely on take care of your project in order for you to get back to using the space all the time!

Porch Builders

DuPage Porches & Decks is a competent company that also specializes in porch construction for your home so that you and your guests (both family and friends) may enjoy the fresh air and the outdoors. Our porch and deck contractors Naperville cannot get enough of will work with you side-by-side to design a perfect space that includes your personal style and also suits the architectural style of your home.

Porch Designer

Have you considered creating a porch for your home that is customized to your wants and needs? Rest assured, our porch and deck contractors will take charge of designing the outdoor space of your dreams, based on the size and the dimensions of your home and incorporating the comforts you enjoy most.

Screened Porches

Our Naperville porch builders also possess vast experience building screened porches, which is beneficial to property owners as they combine an outdoor experience with an indoor experience. With 20+ years of experience, DuPage Porches & Decks contractors can produce any kind of porch, adhering to Illinois building and safety codes, no matter the conditions or complexity.

STEP BY STEP - This is our process!

DuPage Deck Builders & Porch Contractors Naperville

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We are awaiting your call or visit to converse about your project with you. Step one is a phone conversation about your deck building project details as well as your time frame, expectations, and the materials to be used. We will also schedule a property visit so that we may provide a free estimate.


We will visit the location of your project and talk about the details of your project as well as your goals and wants. It is crucial for us to fully comprehend the vision you have for your deck project.


You hire us for the design of your project. We will provide a proposal and plan that is tailored to your and your family's function needs and personal design style.


We will mutually establish a timeline for your porch / deck building. We always stick to it.


We are grateful for your feedback. As a leader among professional porch and deck companies, we will ensure the site is clean prior to leaving it, but especially – we will not leave your site until you are completely satisfied with your brand new deck or porch area.

Decking And Porches Naperville

Decking And Porches Are Our Life

DuPage Porches & Decks is proud to be a company in Naperville with the best porch construction and deck building which meet not only the stricted and most rigid building standards in Illinois, but also accomplish the greatest amount of satisfaction from our clients. If you would like to obtain free estimates for porch or decking, you can get in touch with us through our website or by phone. Your comfort is our top priority!

Why select us?

  • Do you build exclusively with low-maintenance materials?
    The majority of our projects utilize materials that are relatively low maintenance (like composite decking and vinyl), but additionally, our deck builders can provide wood-based decking if the client prefers it. If this is the case, we can provide exotic and pressure-treated hardwoods.
  • How long does a project typically last?
    Decking and porch projects’ duration is dependent on the scope and scale of the project: If it is smaller, it may take less than a week, while on a larger scale, it may take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks. Throughout the process, our porch contractors will be in charge of maintaining the workplace as clean as possible as well as remaining cordial and professional.
  • Do I need a building permit?
    No need to think twice, as DuPage Porches & Decks takes care of every type of building and zoning permits, particularly when it comes to the Illinois area. Therefore, we encourage our clients to provide a master plan of their property to our porch builders so it may be included in the application for the necessary permits.
  • What types of deck customizations are available?
    We offer a variety of add-ons that can further enhance your deck or porch, such as: unique corner posts, child protection gates (in case you have pets or small children), built-in benches, planters, and more.

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We guarantee the use of the highest quality materials for building. We seek to make sure that our customers are aware that every porch construction of a deck will be built using only materials produced by top local manufacturers. We are happy to tell you that we collaborate with:

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Various deck and porch designs

Modern terrace

A minimalistic option that is affordable yet not boring in any way can be found in a modern terrace. Straight lines, angles, and geometric forms are main features of this style. A glossy finish of calm, classic colors. Typically, the base color is combined with one single bright accent color, often in the form of a plant, a pot, a single piece of furniture, or some form of textile such as a rug, cushions, curtains, or decorations.

Boho Porch Construction

A relatively casual and popular space in which to enjoy summer activities is found in boho porch construction. A porch built in boho style can be a fantastic choice for commercial spaces, where it can actually set the overall design tone for a restaurant or hotel.  It is also a great choice for private gardens. Boho style, light and informal, functions perfectly for hot summer days.

Rustic decks

People who appreciate nature and all of its calming colors and natural materials are best off with a rustic deck. This space is tranquil and excellent for relaxation, meeting with family and friends, and meditation. Rustic style is occasionally referred to as country style, meaning this particular porch or deck may also contain some of the same elements as a country porch. The design will likely incorporate natural, local wood – which may be utilized as flooring, roofing, and sometimes with decorative details.


Pressure-Treated Wood

One of the most common materials when it comes to deck building Naperville residents prefer is pressure-treated lumber, thanks to the fact that it has been permeated with chemicals that prevent moisture and insects from causing any outstanding damage, enhancing its natural durability at the same time. Not only isit easy to find, cut, and work with  this material, if you would prefer to give it a look that is more personalized or you are not a big fan of the natural look of this material you can ask for deck contractors to stain it, making it more attractive.

Cedar Decking

Cedar is recognized as a high-quality decking material in Naperville thanks to its ability to stand up to the test of time and decline, which is mostly from natural weathering and their tannins, respectively, as opposed to pressure-treated wood. In addition, it is quite easy to work with and reasonably lightweight.

PVC Decking

If you prefer to use a material that will not deteriorate as time passes or needs light to no maintenance like to handle the deck installation of your home with, you can choose Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics. Even though PVC has a number of quality levels, each of them is robust.

Composite Decking

Although there might be varied types of composite decking like low-density polyethylene (LDPE), high-density polyethylene, rice hulls, etc are also options. Typically characterized by being exceptionally resistant to scratch as well as to time (making  them common in deck restoration Naperville residents trust), these compounds can be found in a variety of color selections that mimic wood.


If you are hoping that your decking will survive the effects of the weather for a long time, it is likely that your deck designer will recommend the use of hardwoods. Aside from standing up over time, these hardwoods additionally have natural tannins, which give them the same characteristics as pressure-treated lumber.

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