Screened Porches

Screened Porches Installation Service

Do you want a space in your house that combines the comfort of the indoors and the feel and beauty of the outdoors? A space opens enough to allow for fresh air and the unpretending magnificence of the outdoors but is sheltered to protect you from the environmental elements. Well, screened porches are the most suitable choice for you. The screened patio keeps the bugs and mosquitos out and allows the sunlight to pour through but keeps UV rays and rainwater out.

DuPage Deck is the business you need to consult for that. Our company specializes in completing the project from scratch, from design and building to the screen patio enclosure installation. Suppose you want a portico that fulfills your needs or only the shades that fit the specifications of the existing patio. The client can choose from our offered plans or create a customized plan relevant to the service they require.

Our professionals guide the customer through the process and provide constant assistance and consultation. We understand that there are numerous options for designing this structure, from sitting down with the client to discuss the plan for the covered porch to getting the design ready. Our company offers dedicated services so that everything is up-to-the-mark and exactly what you had envisioned. Call us today and book an appointment with our company for the best screened porches in the area.

Retractable Screen Porches

A retractable screen porch combines the design of an open portico with an enclosed porch. It serves as a year-round living space. The establishment can be used in all seasons and provides a cozy haven for you. The walls and doors offer flexibility for use. However, not every business offers this service. Even the companies that specialize in screened porches do not offer a wide variety or cannot deviate from the available templates. With us, there is no such worry. Whatever the customer has in mind, we are dedicated to designing and building that!

Our professionals understand the aesthetic value of the structure along with the practicality of use. They assist the customer in making the choice that not only looks exceptional but also serves their needs. For instance, the vinyl patio enclosure we build can be used in winter and rainy weather by closing the doors and bringing in a heater. However, you can open the doors for cross-air ventilation, and the same structure is perfect to use in summer. Furthermore, the shades prevent extra exposure to the sun.

Our company also provides the option of a motorized screen porch, and UV-resistant shaded porticos. There are limitless options to opt for that can perfectly cater to your needs. So, call us immediately and get your queries resolved by the most trusted screened porches business.

Screened Front and Back Porches

Our business provides customized services that fulfill your requirements. We have a dedicated plan for you if you have an already installed portico and only want to add panels to it. However, if you want screen porch installation from scratch, we are also equipped for that.

Furthermore, we do not have any issue in designing and installing the portico at any location of your house. Our licensed experts deal with any and all types of front houses and screened-in back porch projects. We are the only company in the area that allows you to incorporate your own design or book partial services. For instance, you can book our services to install outdoor screens for patios even if the patio is preinstalled. Whatever the specifications of your patio or portico are, we can provide a solution to your problem.

Most importantly, we allow you to choose the material of your liking. We have various materials and design options that perfectly complement your house’s style and provide ideal practicality. For instance, lightweight fiberglass and aluminum screen porch is more corrosion-resistant, but woven sun-blocking panels provide better shading. You do not need to traverse this complex jungle of screened porches alone. Call us today and get a consultation from reliable professionals.

Cost-Effective Screened Porches

Our company is the market leader in terms of quality and affordability. Our team of certified technicians and trained workers are knowledgeable in every aspect of the job, allowing us to offer the best rates. For instance, screen tight Home Depot can cost less as it uses a vinyl cap that detaches and can be snapped back in place while re-screening. We have all the required options and never push customers into expensive options just to make money.

Our company ensures that the work is done per your standards and liking. Moreover, the customer does not have to worry a bit regarding the screened in porch cost. We always prioritize the ease of the customer. Being a customer-focused business, we earn business through trust and delivering unparalleled service to our clients.

Furthermore, we have specialized and tailored plans that deal with the specific issues of our customers. The price and budget constraints never stop us from delivering exceptional service and producing innovative designs for screened porches. So, do not worry about extra charges, and contact the most reliable company in your area!

About Us

DuPage Deck is renowned and well-reputed in the design and construction business. Our customer-focused approach to business sets us apart from other companies. We provide tailored plans and dedicated services to our clients that perfectly match the task. Years of experience and a strong emphasis on quality, punctuality, and transparency make us the customer favorite. Moreover, our team of competent and skilled professionals has undertaken numerous tasks and delivered unparalleled output.

Being a local business, we are well-versed in the local permit laws. We understand the legal complications in building porticos and can save customers from unnecessary hassle. So, contact us for any consultation, guidance, or building project. Our customer service operates 24/7 to ensure customer ease and assists them no matter the time. Call us right away and schedule an appointment with us! Moreover, our company provides the following services: