Porch Contractors & Deck Builders

Deck Builders

Building a deck is the most practical alternative if you want to make improvements to your house that will not only make it appear lovely over time but also boost its value in case you ever decide to sell it. Our company, DuPage Porches & Decks, offers a full decking service, including design, securing the necessary permits, and construction.

Deck Designer

If you want to create additional space for outdoor recreational activities while peacefully enjoying the panoramic views, adding a deck to your home is probably the best alternative to be considered. Our deck designer specialists can assist you with your deck design and in building the deck you want and deserve, according to your preferences, requirements, and, most importantly, your available budget.

Deck Repair

Is your home deck currently so deteriorated that you are unable to use it completely? Should this be the case, our deck repair service crew can restore your deck to its former appearance and make it look new again. So stop worrying, and let our deck repair professionals, in DuPage county, be part of your deck project. We’ll get it restored and you’ll be able to use the area in full, anytime.

Custom Decks

We make custom decks according to the design provided to us. We have years of experience in designing, manufacturing and modifying various types of custom covers. The advantage of custom designs is that they can be adapted to any area and therefore, opting for this personalized alternative will further increase the value of the property and will also add a particular charm.

Porch Builders

Our company, DuPage Porches & Decks, has extensive experience and also specializes in building porches so that you and your guests, family, or friends can enjoy the cool breeze outside the house. Our contractors will work with you to find a design that best fits the architectural style of your home but also includes your personal preferences.

Porch Designer

Do you want to have a porch for your house according to your concepts? Our porch designer specialists will create your dream outdoor space based on your style and preferences, the size of your home, and all the amenities you need.

Screened Porches

Our porch builders also have extensive experience creating screen porches. These are perhaps more beneficial to homeowners as they combine an indoor experience with an outdoor experience. With over 20 years of experience, DuPage Porches & Decks’ contractors can build any type of porch regardless of conditions or complexity, while adhering to DuPage local building and safety codes.

Customized Porches

We create custom porches based on the design that is given to us. About creating, producing, and altering different kinds of custom covers, we have years of experience. Customized porches have the advantage of being adaptable to any environment, so choosing this individualized option will raise the value of the house and offer a special charm.

Trex Decking

Do you have Trex decking in mind? One of the best answers is this. The elegant and sturdy solution works with many decks. The traditional planks used to cover decks and patios can be substituted with Trex decking. The composites' low maintenance requirements, great performance, and environmental friendliness are their key benefits.

Composite Decking

Abrasion - and weather-resistant composite decking is visually pleasing and suitable for both residential and commercial use. When compared to wooden decking, a composite deck is entirely waterproof, rot-resistant, and resistant to fungal, mold, and other well-known issues. Cleaning composite decking is simple with soapy water or a pressure washer.

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