Trex Decking

Special Trex Decking Service

If you have a wooden deck, you would know it requires constant maintenance, loses shine, and the wood breaks. Sometimes the wood even gets rotten, requiring you to replace the boards and install a fresh one. If you have faced these problems and want something that does not suffer the same fate, we have a solution for you. Our Trex decking is a special composite of plastic and wood fibers that brings you the best of both worlds.

DuPage Deck is specialized in installing Trex decking and has been providing reliable service for many years. Our competent professionals are highly knowledgeable and skilled at their job. Furthermore, our specialty wood composite deck is a high-quality, reliable product that lasts a lifetime. We provide complete installation at affordable rates. So, without worrying about the Trex deck cost, call us today and get the expert service you deserve!

Benefits of Trex Decking

We do not recommend this product because it makes us money but because it stands on our principles. Our skilled professionals have years of experience working with Trex composites. Our Trex decking is a perfect blend of beauty and functionality. It provides two major benefits:

  • Sustainability
  • Durability

It is better than traditional boards because 95% of its components come from recycled materials. It perfectly aligns with our green and eco-friendly initiative. As a homeowner, you can decorate your house with it and be happy that your ease did not cause degradation of the environment.

The high durability of this composite comes from its components and sophisticated engineering. The plastic resists fading and scratching, while the wood fibers give it a beautiful look. If you install this in your home, there is no need for sanding, staining, painting, or constant Trex deck repair.

Refinishing and Trex Decking Repair

Even though the Trex structure is highly resilient, you would need a refinishing or restoration job sometimes. It will improve the look of your Trex decking, and further elongates its life. However, this premium material requires extraordinary care and professional service to make it worthwhile. That is where we come in.

Our technicians have extensive experience dealing with this item and have been refinishing Trex decking for many years. Our dedicated plan constitutes a careful examination of the surface, a thorough analysis of the problem, and a high-quality refinishing job. We employ specialized techniques like pressure washing a Trex deck that cannot be used with ordinary wood.

Our company also provides recurrent cleaning and inspection plans. Suppose you had the planks installed a year ago. They might have accumulated dust and invisible microbes over the year. A person cannot clean every corner of the boards despite using detergents. There also might be something beneath the boards that requires your attention. Professionals have unmatched skills and sophisticated technology to address these problems. After our technicians’ cleaning and refinishing job, we guarantee that your Trex decking will look as good as new. So, call us immediately!

Trex Deck Restoration

One thing to understand is that traditional wood boards drastically differ from Trex boards. Thus, not every portico and patio restoration company can do this job. Since our professionals are highly-trained and have an all-encompassing knowledge of composites, our company provides the highest-quality composite deck restoration in the area.

Our specialty service of Trex deck restoration takes care of all problems. Our technicians can solve everything from performing routine maintenance to solving a dedicated issue related to your patio. Although the Trex planks are highly resilient and durable, scratches and cracks might occur due to damage. Furthermore, restoration improves the life of the planks and enhances their beauty.

Our specialized restoration plans can be booked independently of the installation and repair options. The expert technicians inspect the structure and deliver high quality output. If there is any crack or damage to the surface, our experts will deal with it, leaving your house with a renewed and glistening decoration. So, do not hesitate. Call us right away and book our services!

Worried about Decking Service Costs? Call us!

Our company offers patio services of all kinds at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for a new structure, upgrade your existing one, or simply want to maintain its pristine condition, we have a dedicated plan for you. Our market experience and Trex decking knowledge enable us to offer our facilities at pocket-friendly rates.

We specialize in designing patios and the necessary accessories with them. We also design and install composite deck railings. You can book this service without the entire package. You will not have to book the Trex decking plan if you want maintenance, designing, or building service for railings. It makes us even more affordable.

In addition to our installation and renovation services, we also specialize in affordable composite deck cleaning services. Over time, the boards can accumulate dirt, grime, and other unsightly elements, diminishing their appearance and potentially causing long-term damage. To avoid this problem, call us today and book our cleaning plan!

Why do People Choose Us?

Our skilled Trex decking experts offer complete consultation and support throughout the process. Whether you book us for an installation or cleaning job, our professionals will guide you through it, ensuring that the quality of work is up-to-the-mark and surpasses your expectations. However, we never try to force anything onto the customer. We encourage our clients to let us know their preferences because we are here to help them realize their goals.

Our certified professionals also provide same-day and urgent service. Whether the customer has a prebooking or has just called for a solution, we will be equally eager and swift in resolving your issue. Furthermore, we are among the only few businesses that provide Trex-related options.

Our committed customer support team is available and glad to assist you. You can reach us anytime because we operate around the clock and on weekends. So, contact us immediately for the best technical support and design consultancy for your project.