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You should ensure you’re collaborating with a team of professional custom deck contractors who can transform your ideas into reality while delivering superior quality in custom deck installation for your home. DuPage Porches & Decks is recognized for their custom deck designers and custom deck builders providing custom decking for all types of homes in the Dupage County area.
As custom deck builders, we will ensure we always provide full service. With you, we will organize the details of your custom deck project, ensure you select the proper materials, make sure of a worry-free and efficient and custom deck installation process in addition to offering advice for future custom deck restoration or maintenance.

Custom Deck Dupage County accessories offered by us

Deck Lighting
With post and stair lighting, include an effect that is dramatic at night. Not only can this lighting add a layer of aesthetics, but it also enhances safety and security. We have available numerous lighting styles to accent your custom decking Dupage County.

Deck Balusters
Deck railing material is equally as if not more important than your custom decking material. Custom deck balusters can take your deck’s appearance to the next level. We provide numerous finishes, colors, and sizes that will blend with your décor and design aesthetics.

Glass Deck Railing
If you prefer that your railing blends into the background of your custom decking, take glass railings into consideration. We install frameless and framed glass railings. Tempered glass railing is relatively maintenance free, apart from the sporadic dog nose smudges and fingerprints!

Spiral Staircases
In certain circumstances, space is limited. A custom spiral staircase is a fantastic solution in these situations. Once the custom deck installation is finished, our custom deck builders will measure the staircase to make sure it fits precisely.

Our Custom Deck Types

Wood Decks

Wood Composite Decks

Cedar Decks

PVC Decks

Hardwood Decks

Custom decks iInstallers You Can Rely On

Have you considered which kind of custom deck suits you best? Are you on the hunt for an idea or aren’t quite sure how you can best use the unoccupied space next to your home? Reach out to us and we can guide you through the entire process, from design and material selection to installation completion. Our years of experience allow us to deliver the perfect custom deck that can suit any home, even meeting the expectations of the most demanding clients. Our approach to each project is customized to the home and the client, allowing us to put our all into each deck we build. We exclusively utilize top quality materials, meaning our decks are longer lasting than those of the competition.

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