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We build up to standards of Illinois Codes

DuPage Porches & Decks is the best option when you seek deck builders in Downers Grove who will carry out a deck project complying with all of the Illinois building standards and at the same time comprehending your style and function needs. We possess all required licensing and for providing deck repair in addition to deck building and porch construction in Downers Grove, adhering to the building standards mentioned above. In terms of delivering quality services that involve the utmost professionalism and skill from porch contractors in addition to ensuring all of the required regulations are followed, count on us!

Porch Contractors & Deck Builders

Deck Builders

When you set out to add value and curb appeal to your home, especially if you plan to sell it down the road, building a deck is an excellent choice for you. DuPage Porches & Decks provides the whole package as far as decking service, including deck design as well as the acquisition of necessary permits and the deck building itself.

Deck Designer

If you are looking to include more outdoor space in which to enjoy outdoor activities or even relax in the fresh air, deck installation is the answer for you. Our deck designer team at DuPage Porches & Decks will assist you in creating the deck you have always dreamed of that suits both your available budget and your style.

Deck Repair

Do you already have a deck on your home that has begun to deteriorate or is so far decayed that you are unable to use it? Have no fear, DuPage Porches & Decks provides deck repair services to make your deck appear brand new. Allow our experienced deck builders in Downers Grove to handle the project so you may return to utilizing your space whenever you want to!

Porch Builders

As an experienced company that additionally performs home porch construction, DuPage Porches & Decks will make sure that you and your visitors (including friends and family) are able to spend time in the fresh air. Our contractors will collaborate with you in order to ensure the space designed suits both your personal touch and your home’s architectural style and design aesthetic.

Porch Designer

Would you like to build a porch for your home based on your own ideas and design? No problem, our porch contractors Downers Grove residents trust will handle the design for the outdoor space of your dreams based on your home’s size and dimension and taking into consideration your preferred elements of style and function.

Screened Porches

Our Downers Grove porch builders are vastly experienced in the creation of screened porches, an advantageous inclusion for homeowners seeking to merge the outdoor and indoor experience. DuPage Porches & Decks contractors have over 20 years of experience, allowing them to create any porch type, no matter the complexity or conditions, and consistently complying with Illinois safety and building codes.

STEP BY STEP - This is our work process!

DuPage Deck Builders & Porch Contractors

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We look forward to discussing your project with you. To kick off, we will start with a phone conversation regarding the details of your deck building project including expectations materials, and timeframe. Additionally, we’ll schedule a site visit at your property in order to prepare a complimentary estimate.


During our visit to the site of your project, we will discuss the details in addition to your desires and goals. Complete comprehension of your deck project is the most important element for us.


Once you hire us for the design of your project, we will deliver a custom proposal and plan designed keeping in mind the needs of your family as far as function and style.


We’ll mutually establish a date and timeline for your deck / porch building. We always adhere to this!


We greatly appreciate your feedback. As expert porch and deck contractors we will ensure your site is left clean, and even more importantly – we will not leave your site until we know you are fully satisfied with your new deck or porch space.

Decking And Porches

Our Passion is Porches and Decking

DuPage Porches & Decks is proud to be a Downers Grove company that provides superior porch construction and deck building that brings smiles to the faces of our customers while simultaneously complying with Illinois’s strictest building standards. To request free estimates for porch or decking, you may reach out to us by way of our website or by calling our phone numbers. Our priority is your comfort!

Why choose us?

  • Do you exclusively utilize low-maintenance materials for building?
    Even though many of our projects utilize materials that require little maintenance (like composite and vinyl decking), when a client prefers it, our deck builders can additionally create deckings that are wood-based. To this end, we provide exotic and pressure-treated hardwoods as well.
  • How long does a project typically last?
    A porch and decking projects’ duration will depend significantly on the project’s magnitude: If it is a minor project, it may last less than a week but if it is minor, it may last from 2 to 3 weeks. Throughout this time, our porch contractors will ensure friendliness and that the workspace remains as clean as possible.
  • Is a building permit required?
    No need to worry about this, DuPage Porches & Decks takes care of every type of necessary zoning and building permits, specifically in the Illinois area. For this reason, we suggest that our clients share a master plan of their property with our porch builders so it may be included with the applications for the respective permits.
  • What kinds of deck customizations are offered?
    We offer a wide variety of add-ons which can be used to embellish your porch or deck further, including: flower pots, child protection gates (in the case of small children), distinctive corner posts, built-in benches, and many others.

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The use of the highest quality of materials utilized for building is guaranteed. We seek to make certain that each customer’s porch construction of a deck will be exclusively built utilizing materials made by leaders among local manufacturers. We proudly advise our collaborations with:

What our customers say?

Numerous deck and porch designs

Modern terrace

For an excellent minimalist option, a modern terrace is an affordable choice that is not boring in the least. Angles, geometric forms, and straight lines are traits that dominate this style. A glossy finish in a calm, classic color palette. The base color is often varied with an accent of one single brighter color, in many cases in the form of textile such as a rug, cushions, curtain, or decorations or even a single furniture piece.

Boho Porch Construction

In boho porch construction a deck designer creates a space that is much more casual yet equally popular for enjoying activities during summer months. A boho style porch works well in commercial spaces as well, as it establishes a certain ambience for a hotel or restaurant, or even in a private garden. Light and informal, boho style is an excellent choice for summer days.

Rustic decks

A rustic deck is ideal for those wishing to utilize natural materials and soothing colors while enjoying nature. Such a spot provides the perfect opportunity for spending time with family and friends, meditating, or relaxing. Country style is another term used for rustic style, therefore a rustic deck may be similar to a country porch in various aspects. Deck builders and porch contractors will certainly incorporate local, natural wood as flooring, roofing, or for decorative accents.


Pressure-Treated Wood

For deck installation and deck restoration in Dupage County, pressure-treated lumber permeated with insect and moisture-damage preventing chemicals is among the materials most used. Easy to get a hold of and simple to cut and manipulate, this material is ideal. But, If you are not a big fan of the natural look this material provides, you can request that your deck or porch builders stain the wood in order to make it more attractive.

Cedar Decking

Different from pressure-treated wood, cedar is recognized as a top-quality decking material in Downers Grove. Thanks to its natural weathering and its tannins, it is capable of standing the test of time as well as deterioration. Aside from that, it is quite lightweight and quite easy for deck builders to manipulate.

PVC Decking

If you seek home deck installation utilizing a material that is low maintenance and will not deteriorate over time, you should select Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics. Even though PVC has numerous levels of quality, each is rather resilient.

Composite Decking

Although different kinds of composite decking are available, like low-density polyethylene (LDPE). Others exist such as rice hulls and high-density polyethylene, among others. Characterized by being incredibly resistant to wear-and-tear, and scratches (making them popular for deck restoration projects) these compounds are available in a number of colors all resembling wood.


If you seek decking that will withstand the severity of weather for numerous more years, a deck designer will likely suggest the use of hardwoods. In addition to standing up to the test of time, there are natural tannins in these hardwoods, providing them with similar characteristics as those of lumber that is pressure-treated.

Our Services In Dupage County

Although we are certainly professional deck builders in Dupage County, we additionally provide a large selection of services for porches, decks, or other related to wood. Peruse our varied services below. Feel free to contact us if you would like additional information or have any questions!

Perhaps you require a professional for the creation and installation of a staircase or side entrance. We can handle that as well! We offer services in the following:

  • Wooden staircases
  • Side entrances
  • Enclosed wooden stairs

Deck or porch mistakes committed by other companies occur regularly. We specialize in the correction of such errors and will also handle related plans, paperwork, and permits. Our services involve:

  • Architectural plans
  • Violation corrections
  • Expediting of Permit

A porch is an ideal spot in which to relax and enjoy free times, especially in summer. Our professionals specialize in the production of superb porches. We provide services in porch repair and make a wide range of porches, including:

  • Back porches
  • Multi-story porches
  • Front porches
  • Porch repair
  • Enclosed porches

We produce multi-story decks on a daily basis. Additionally, we have vast experience with back decks, which are excellent spaces in which to pass quality time and relax.

  • Back decks
  • Multi-story decks
We are here for you

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